Build a List to Sell Your Assets

I was very fortunate years ago to virtually stumble into a 3000 Buyers List as the result of a little 26 page eBook I put together on a hot topic for a hungry for information crowd over at The Warrior Forum.

The sad part is at the time I was too shy and newbie to nurture that list that had already given me a vote of trust in purchasing my book.  Live and learn as they say.

I also realized that having a list which is also a long term valuable asset gives you a ton of leverage when you try to sell something or launch anything online.

One great twist you can do with list building is pick a topic you know that is ever green and always has relevancy with something people are ready and willing to invest in.

That could be tools, services, information and even websites and domains.

There is a process to selling a domain or website at an auction and the auction platform is more or less the middle guy and gets paid coming and going whether you achieve success or not with your sale.

You pay a Fee to List and you pay a Success Fee as well once the Auction is complete.  And of course there are numerous additional fees for upgrades as well.

But what if you only had to press a button and boom your site had interested buyers ready to purchase and they know you and have rapport with you already.  A much better process indeed.

Now imagine if you continue to grow that list and you continue to offer assets you either create from scratch or purchase yourself and increase the value of them then place them for sale.

You do not have to worry about Google, Brokers, and additional fees and it is probably a much quicker process to boot.

I am creative and leverage on steroids and I poured everything I know and observe for Immediate Cash Flow and Long Term Businesses that are appealing to Investors.  Take a Peek , apply, and reap the rewards here.

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