Create a Valuable Asset Right Now

When ever I hear that .Coms are running out I hear the sound of ATM machines! That makes a .Com domain name even more VALUABLE.

You do not always have to use a domain you can offer it for sale. There are people looking for great domain names as investments as well as those starting their perfect online Business.

I like to be creative in all I do.

Once I had created an eBook and to my knowledge nobody had ever done this at that time.

The eBook has made me several Thousand Dollars over the course of it’s first month and sales were still trickling in even though I was not promoting it.

I decided while it still had some sales coming in to Transfer Complete Ownership Master Resale Rights to an New Owner.

But how?

I went over to and they had no options on Flipping your eBook but I got the Idea to create a Starter Website Blog matching the New Domain to the eBook.

In the Auction Description I simply stated that the real Star of the Show was the eBook and that I just made a one page website to create the Auction.

Long story short…I made an additional $2500 Lump Sum Cash selling Master Rights to an eBook that had Proven Sales with its own Starter One Page Website.

But if you are not an eBook Creator I think Creating and or Buying and Selling Domains is a great Online Strategy.

And I personally feel that if you can come up with catchy Domains then you can also come up with Catchy Slogans for eCommerce Merchandise like T Shirts and Mugs. Very profitable Income Streams to add to your online Arsenal.

As far as I am concerned there will always be great available domains because there will always be something new in the future that is not around presently.
Take Block Chain for example. There will always be new tech, new trends, cool new inventions and styles.

I have a great friend who wanted to show his son a way to make money online and used the Hot Growth of the Weed industry to possibly get his sons attention.

I personally love creating brand new domains. Especially niches people consider saturated and think no more good domains could possibly be available.

I shot him over some Brand New Available domains that could used in the Profitable Legal Weed Industry…

For a Stop Smoking Affiliate Program I shot over some Domains that could be used as Forwarders…

For me this is as fun as others may find doing cross word puzzles. But I can get seriously Paid in the Process. And YOU can too!

I do not use any Special Software or tools for creating domains but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
As you can tell I also feel that giving to the Universe sends us back just as much positive energy as we put out.

Someone may scoop those domains up or not I just hope someone finds profit with them.

From my perspective there is abundance for all forever.

But my point here is that no matter what the niche there is gold to be mined. If there is a challenge then there will be an even sweeter REWARD.

I like to ask people to give me a niche and I fill create available domains in that niche no matter what it is. Fun Fun Fun.

But there is a Business in Domain Assets.

Yes there is a little luck involved as well but all you need is ONE. One person that sees value in what you are offering and Boom! Time to Celebrate!

But behind the curtains there are ways we can increase the likelihood of enjoying profits from our Assets.

I will be here to share all with you generously.

Be sure to Grab the How to Quickly Create and Sell an ASSET I Created for You It just may open your Eyes to Some Easy Treasure.

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