How a Value Position Pays You Now and Later

Global e-Retail sales amounted to 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars in 2017.  There is no reason to be shy about earning money online.

I believe you should experience earning your first dollar as quickly as possible.

Many people think you should slave away for months churning out content before “earning” the right to ask for your potential customers business.  That is insane.  Nobody is waiting for you when they already have intentions of shopping online.

People need items, they need tools, services, they may even also want to create and grow a business and need resources and info-products for that as well.

But once you get in front of that potential customer how do you differentiate yourself from thousands of others?

With More Value than they expected.

If you treat your customers like Gold they will become repeat customers for all your future offers as well.

Treat them like the GOLD they are.

I once wanted to Sell  Domain in a certain Niche.  I decided to create an eBook on that Niche Topic and Offered it as a Bonus to the Sale.  It sold Immediately.

If you are selling a High Ticket Item what if you created a PDF that complimented the Product/Service absolutely free.  Very Unique and Helpful and that separates YOU from every other person that may be offering that same Product/Service.

Make having a relationship with your clients and customers part of your U.S.P. Unique Selling Position.  Instead of you deciding what you will offer find out what your potential customers would like to have based on their needs, challenges, problems.

Your next offer should be directly related to the results from asking your current buyers what would greatly enhance their business/life.

I am a virtual cheerleader for a few marketers that really blew me away with personable service.

Any time I get a chance I share my experience that I felt was certainly above average.

We should all try to make that lasting first impression with the people that gave us a vote of trust and confidence and decided to purchase.

That little bit of extra value can be in all types of creative forms.

Maybe a sneak peek of a new product you have coming soon.  A cheat sheet of cool time savers that will increase productivity maybe even a copy of one of your previous offers.

Just keep your tribe in mind at all times and the thought of them achieving THEIR goals and you will certainly achieve yours.

I have goodies to share and they will grow your business profitably.  Get them Here.


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