Internet Marketing Choices If we had a Do Over

If we could step thru a Time Vortex and have a chance to begin learning and applying Internet Marketing I think we would all do a little tweaking to our original experience.

I think sometimes Marketers get in each other’s way to success indirectly.  When you are first starting out you have to differentiate between marketing and getting marketed to.

If you are on a marketing Webinar and at the end you are considering whipping your credit card out to invest in a “must have” marketing tool/service that cost $2000 the biggest take away from that is to Begin learning everything you can about Doing Your Own Profitable Webinars!

Alot of us do not have the budgets to buy traffic, hire a copy writer, hire designer for graphics and sales page.

In addition when you are first starting out no matter what you choose there are additional pieces to the puzzle you will have to learn.  Creating a product is one thing then there is Launching a Product.  Now you are talking affiliates, Joint Ventures, Contests, Pre sell Videos etc.

We then get caught up in the Hypnotic effect of copy writers promising Quick and Easy Riches but we should be focused on Becoming the Product Creator in my humble.

Also we want it all…RIGHT NOW.

That is a TRAP.

We should pick something that we know will be around next year and give it all we have with no distractions.

If you to go to an Auction website and see a Sold Website that was only One Year Old or Less and just sold for Thousands of Dollars and on top of that was making $1000 plus each month in revenue then that should be the FOCUS.  Use that as  model and everything you learn from that point make sure it only has to do with you achieving the goal of duplicating that success.

Spending all day in a forum is not internet marketing.

But if you were focused on asking questions and learning and implementing everything you could find and absorb and sticking with your chosen goal you would be surprised how fast a year can go!

Now some newbie would be saying wow at the Website Sale YOU Just Made!

I did all the heavy Lifting for you…you could be making Profits before you Finish reading this. Here you go.


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