Monetize Right Now Not Later

There are many “Guru” Wannabes on Internet Marketing Forums regurgitating what they were told and sharing a lot of dismal experiences of not making sales for months and even years.

People get bad advice in my opinion that makes them feel they are not ready to begin selling.

I have been on extremely popular marketing forums seeing statements of people not making a sale as if the gives them added credibility.  In reality if you just took one affiliate link from Amazon on something that was already a hot seller you would be half way there.

Anyone telling you that you are too newbie to make sales Do not listen to it.

From Day one.  Yes your very first day you should have making a sale in mind as an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur.

We are Entrepreneurs.

I do not mean leaping out of bed asking yourself how am I going to get paid today?!

Yes you should leap out of bed but you should be smiling and excited to say it’s a beautiful day how can I help some people get what THEY WANT?!

As Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs our existence is for servicing others.  Putting something helpful into the world that would not have taken place unless we were born.  Well I like to think that anyway. 🙂

You do not need your face plastered all over the net for branding to make a sale.

You do not need a month of mailing to your new email subscribers to make a sale.

You do not need to have a fancy webinar or a huge budget for traffic to make a sale.

Absolutely nothing wrong if you do have all that in your Marketing Arsenal but it is not necessary in order to MAKE YOUR FIRST SALE.

You know people have problems.

Think about all the Embarrassing Niches where people have major problems and sometimes are in pain or sometimes it’s vanity but trust me they have a credit card in hand for that solution RIGHT NOW.

You know people want to make a living online and they need domains, hosting, themes, training, things they can leverage to succeed.

If you did nothing else but find the best product or service that someone else created and you love it and use it then just join that affiliate program and ask them to train you to become their top affiliate.

What would they tell you?

If you make money they make money.  The least they will do is point you in the right direction.

That is the attitude you should have.

Let other people languish on Internet Marketing Forums preaching about how you should wait to make a sale while you are making sales.

And guess what?

Once you make one dollar online you are now qualified to teach the person that has never made anything!  They certainly would appreciate it and may even pay you for that.  At the very least would join your email list to get that information.

The sooner you experience SALES the better!  You will be motivated and energized and determined.

The same is true for registering a Brand Spanking New Domain.  You can build on it or you can offer it for sale to someone else that sees value in it.


This New Website was created on a New Domain that was Registered Sept. 25, 2018 less than a week before this Auction! Already at $900 and Rising!

A drop shipping website on a Brand New Domain!  (linked image)

Be sure to take a good look at all the excellent details you get from studying auctions.

People are going around in circles for weeks months and years trying to learn internet marketing when all they have to do is see what is selling how it was sold and get to work learning everything else you can on the subject so you can duplicate that success.

Or you may be a Publisher in the Making an not even realize it…

Think of your own problems and challenges on a particular topic.

Now if you go do your research on the solutions guess what?

You have gathered all types of fresh and up to date information plus tools and services on that subject.

You now have the makings of an Information Product others would pay you for.

Now YOU get to have Joint Venture Partners and Your own affiliates army selling for YOU in YOUR sleep!

And there is an additional benefit to making your first sale swiftly as possible…You will now never give up!  You had a taste of having your own business and it was DELICIOUS.  Nothing like it.

You will eagerly learn more and as much as you can and even seek out coaching or some form of Mentor because you know it will enhance your business and save you time and effort.

I created the Asset Profit Fast Cash for you and I think you will read it and Profit from it in more ways than one.



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