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This information is actually PRICELESS.  But I put a very real Secret Price on it because the VALUE is very real.

Right now, right this second there are thousands of people on internet marketing forums and they will not find information this accurate and credible.

Because it is all actual Proof of Income. How it was made, how much was made, how it was tweaked, updated, where it is being promoted and to who.  FOR FREE.

Here are a couple real life actual locations…
One is Income Statements University… Here is one.

In that right hand corner is all the Free Profitable Information you need.

Not just what he promotes, he is so transparent he shares where he promotes it and how.  He will even share that he has had his affiliate commissions Doubled several times from the Vendor!

Inside this Income Statement he shares what he has learned from his YouTube Marketing.  He attended a Video Summit he shares the tips and tricks he learned there!

You see the affiliate Products are mostly RECURRING TOOLS/RESOURCES that keep paying month after month.  So you know what to focus on.
And there are alot of Generous Marketers like Pat to learn from.

Pat is probably one of the most transparent generous marketers you will find.

I remember once his website got hacked and was down for days and he even gave every detail of that challenging experience to his readers so they could learn from it.


Another fantastic Income Statement is over at Making Sense of Cents with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.

She managed $100,324 in June 2018 with her Blog and shares every last detail and then some!
At the end of every Monthly Income Statement she even has a “Featured Question” Section and goes into Great Profitable Detail in her Replies.  Better than what most are paying for.

   Like Pat you get to see her exact Affiliate Programs that are paying her 6 Figures a Month.
If you take time to read she is really cooler than ice cream and keeps it so real.  She confesses she never even thought it was possible to make over a Million Dollars in a year but it was the Income Statements of other Marketers that Fueled her.



When we get to see the biggest money makers and as well as the biggest expenses it is much more valuable than ebooks and forums because this is real money changing hands no questions and theory about it.

There are many more marketers sharing income statements these days some just started and some making a killing and showing us how.
Makes perfect sense to learn and earn from this great free university.

And what about your Emails?

Do not just pay attention to WHAT you are being promoted but HOW as well.  What emails stood out?  What made you want to reach for a credit card?  What made you smile? What made you want to open it?
And while you are at it…CLICK THOSE LINKS!
YES follow the Funnels!  Take notes on everything.
What email Autoresponder are they using?
What payment platform? How did they utilize their Thank You Page?  Was there an Offer/Helpful Resource? How often do they email you? It is all Education.
These are just a few.  Observe and Leverage VALUABLE FREE RESOURCES to use in your Business at all times.

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