What is an Internet Marketing Asset?

There are a million ways people are making a great living on the Internet.

But sometimes it is not until later that they find out they should have structured their business differently to experience a big pay day if they ever were to transfer ownership.

If you are building your business entirely on someone else’s platform then you may have some regrets later.

If you do not own your own domain and you are creating high quality content on someone else’ s platform you are at risk of losing everything at the discretion of that platform you have little to no control over.

If you are building on YOURNAME.com it is great for branding but if you decide to sell your business it could create a road block.

It is not impossible but it just creates more of a challenge.

Everyone should begin thinking about the possibility of selling their business on day one.

That goes hand in hand with the fact that you should not even begin building a business unless you see that there is a proven path to success.

One way to do that is to see SOLD Auctions in your Niche.

You will sometimes find an entire road map to follow that leads to a big pay day.

Always try to learn from an Investors Point of view.  Consistency is a biggie.  Of course Revenue also a biggie.

I am not one of those that agrees in waiting to monetize.  That is insane. Do you think people are waiting to invest in tools and services they need right now?  Is someone with Acne and a wedding coming up going to wait until you are ready to ask them for a sale?

Always see yourself as delivering value.  Not waking up wondering how you can get paid….but how you can deliver some value.  People are already searching for it.  You just need to get in front of them.

Can a Domain alone be an Asset?  Of course.  What is the Value?  Keeping it real,  In the end it is what the Buyer perceives it to be.  But it is up to you to present the reasons it is valuable.

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